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January 10, 2018
#60- a2z

Brother George's BBQ

La barbacoa del hermano George

By: Aubrey Gibson

You can smell the meat cooking and the sauce brewing from a mile away. You can hear the music playing as you get closer. For almost two and a half years now, Brother George’s BBQ has been a favored staple upon entering Kankakee.

“I have a pretty good product. I put all I have into it. I have a passion for it. It’s not like work. I put love into it because I’m concerned about everything, every detail. I always look out for others, and this is another way for me to do that,” said “Brother” George Smith, owner of Brother George’s BBQ.

Smith started his business when he was laid off from his job at the county. He took that as an opportunity to follow his dream of ...

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