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     August 9, 2018      #40-251 RLn


For the Love of ‘Fresh’ Garlic

Por el amor del ajo

By Ari Leveaux, Guest Contributor

It’s easy to take garlic for granted, given how easy it is to find fresh all year. By “fresh,” we mean not preserved in any way, but simply still alive, despite being harvested last summer.

Year-old garlic, which is what you will find today in the grocery store, is not to be confused with new garlic, which is very special and only available for a few weeks each summer — if you can find it at all.

Unless you shop where local produce is sold, or know a grower, you aren’t going to find new garlic right now, which is a shame. Imagine it being tomato season  and not being able to find a fresh, local tomato. That’s how it is for garlic lovers right now, ...

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