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     August 21, 2018      #13-232 a2z

Uncle Fung's Borneo Eatery is a Family Dinner

El Borneo Eatery de Uncle Fung es una cena

Richard Foss, Culture and Cuisine Writer

I had a delightful lunch recently while accompanied by someone who supplements his day job with income as a storyteller and comedian. He put those talents on display when his phone rang while we were waiting for our order to arrive.

“Oh, hi! Where am I? I’m having lunch at Uncle Fung’s. Yes, I did say Uncle Fung’s. He’s the one from Borneo. You may not have met him at my parties, he’s the quiet type, but really interesting once you get to know him. I don’t know which of my aunts he’s married to, but I suspect it may be both of them. Every time I ask they blush and change the subject … but how is your ...

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