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     August 8, 2018      #20-219 RLn

Unchecked Assaults on Intelligence Foretell a

Asaltos no controlados en la inteligencia predicen un

By Sara Corcoran, Washington D.C. Columnist Special to RLn

General Michael C. Hayden begins his book, The Assault on Intelligence: American National Security in an Age of Lies, surveying the flattened streets of Sarajevo. When Hayden was head of Intelligence for the American Forces in Europe, he was tasked with providing intelligence to the United Nations forces based in Bosnia. As he paces the streets, Hayden laments that there was a time when Sarajevo was occupied with thriving commerce and religious tolerance only to be replaced with ruins and artillery. So, his warning about the perils of unchecked ethnic nationalism and its consequences are timely and significant.

The foundation of his message is also clear. The prospect of having ...

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