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     August 7, 2018      #10-218 RLn

An indicted journalist reflects on conspiracy in

Un periodista acusado reflexiona sobre la conspiración en

By Aaron Cantú

Editor’s note:
 When Aaron Cantú arrived at his new job at SFR last year, he came with the baggage of a recent arrest. Two months earlier, he spent a night in jail with hundreds of others detained during protests on Inauguration Day in Washington, DC. His actions consisted of walking, wearing black and being a witness to history as a freelance journalist. Yet, a few months later, and despite having no clear evidence of such crimes, federal prosecutors slammed him with eight felony charges including conspiracy to riot and property damage. After nearly 18 months, however, the feds dropped the charges. Cantú is finally able to publicly reflect on the ordeal, and what follows is an essay that ...

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